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Dying Lights

The galaxy is bleeding to death. People are been driven into a murderous frenzy as the very ugliest of economic games plays out. Due to a cataclysmic disaster, everyone now depends on a new psychic energy to live and it’s dwindling by the minute. Trillions will starve to death before the cosmos reach equillibrium and there is enough essence to feed the remaining souls.

These are the darkest of times for all. The glow of every star is a cacophony of sorrow. The pain of every heart is doomed to be lost in the blackness of space. This is Dying Lights.

Seriously, we named this one long before the video game showed up and used the singular “light.”

Star Thugs

Star Thugs is a table-top RPG where you play a ship and crew, band together with your friends to make a fleet, and galavant about the galaxy doing whatever the hell you want and hope you don’t get arrested for it.

Set in the sarcastic and cynical alternate present where interstellar societies are all around and the reason you don’t know about it is because Earth’s governments have a sense of common decency.

In this game, you can take on the role of trader, bounty hunter, pirate or you can blurr the lines of any of the above. Galaxy’s a big place for a snarfhocker like you.

Fiend Wake

Fiend Wake is a fantasy RPG set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic demon war. Players take on the roles of survivors from one of the few remaining nations and do their very best to get by in a world riddled with suspicion, secret animosity, and horrific monsters.

Do you have what it takes to endure the inhospitable world that the demons left behind? Can you encourage the powers of the world to set aside their differences and rebuild civilization upon the ashes of dead kingdoms? Or do you just wanna get stupidly rich and chop open a few tentacled abominations?


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